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Microdermabrasion Richmond Hill

Microdermabrasion is  a skin treatment that incorporates the use of a specialized device and dome like tips that expel exfoliant crystals while using a suction action to remove dead epidermal cells. This mechanical exfoliation is effective and aids in achieving a smoother and cleaner feel to the skin.


Our Microdermabrasion treatment is a specialized skin care proceedure that takes 75 minutes and starts with us welcoming you into a relaxing environment and facial room. It starts with proper skin analysis, introduction to our spa room, changing into a spa robe before lying in a relaxing spa bed. Once welcomed , proper cleansing ritual is performed followed by the exfoliation done with the use of a microdermabrasion machine. The tips used are one time use and disposed of after each clien, this tip catches dead skin cells which are then vacummed up and expelled into a catch all compartment. The skin cells collected are grey in colour and indicate that skin can harbour pollution and dirt unseen to the naked eye. 

$120 per treatment 

  • There is no down time after your treat

  • Best for dullness, blackheads, suitable for all skin types

  • Results will include fresher looking skin, brighter skin tone, shrunken pores, smoother skin

  • treatments should be performed 6 weeks apart 

  • refrain from using exfoliation products for 72 hours such as glycolic acids, retinol, benzoyl peroxide or topical acne product, use of spa is recommended. It is not recommended to wear make up for at least 12 hours.

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