If you like your gadgets, this face massager has a super sleek design and some amazing features that will bring the spa experience to you.

The sonic massager features both a hot and cold settings along with LED light therapy. Up to 45 degrees of heat to warm the skin and combined with a 3D massage helps promote the absorption of skin care products. The cold feature helps close and minimize pores and reduce redness and inflammation.


•Relieves tension in facial

muscles resulting in reduced facial wrinkles. 

•Red light LED therapy stimulates blood circulation and collagen production. 

•Allows face products to absorb better into the skin

•Ergonomically designed to help with sagging skin on the neck, chin and face. 

•Increases blood flow 

*Helps products absorb and become more effective

*Eliminates puffiness

*Stimulates production of collagen and elastin 

*Promoted even skin tone 

•Reduces stagnation of blood 

* 45°C heat mode

*Cold Mode

* 3 massages modes 

* USB compatible 

* Cordless 

*Stand included 

*Easy for travel

*Easy to hold and glides easily

Hot and Cold Sonic Vibration with LED light therapy

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