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Polished welcomes you into a safe & sanitized spa! 


Our new Polished Experience is for everyones safety.

We have worked diligently creating a space where we enforce social distancing, practice high standards of sanitation and social responsibilities within our spa.

We are following the guidelines placed upon our industry from York Region Public Health Phase 2 guidelines.

What are we doing?

•Our spa will be cleaned with commercial grade disinfectant that kills all viruses and bacteria.

-Manicure stations are 6 feet apart, no waiting area, limited people within the spa, one on one contact, less stations and furniture to ensure social distancing.

-Non Latex gloves and Masks are worn by technicians during ALL services.

-All surfaces, chairs and equipment will be sanitized and disinfected after each client/use and left wet for 3-5 minutes

-Strict hand hygiene will be implemented upon arrival. We ask you to sanitize your hands and then wash them with soap and water.

-Physical distancing protocols will be in place. We use floor markers and decals to specify where to sit or stand.

-Sneeze Guards between technician and client.

-Signs pertaining to safety guidelines, hand hygiene and limited cell phone use are displayed.

-Touch less contact temperatures will be taken upon arrival.

-All team members and clients are asked to wear a mask at all times.

-Face shields are worn during pedicures and body services.

-Gloves are worn during all services and cash exchanges.

-Disposable aprons are worn or cloth aprons are laundered after each client

-Pre Screening Staff prior to shift.

-Disposable bed covers and bed liners are used.

-Bathroom is equipped with sanitizing wipes and cleaned regularly.

-If clients do not show up with a mask, one can be purchased for a small fee.

Prohibited services by LAW

All services on the face will not be offered, these include;

  • Facials 

  • ALL Face waxing

  • Eye Lash Extensions

  • Lash Lifts

  • Laser Hair Removal on the face

  • Brow Lamination

  • Lash Tinting

  • Brow tints

  • Microblading


We will reinstate all services pertaining to the face during the next stage/phase of re opening and when we have been notified by the Goverment of Canada.

If you would like to be notified when we are able to perform these services

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Cancelation Policy

To not show up for your scedueled appointment, will result in a 100% charge.

Credit cards may be taken during bookings.


How your appointment times will change

We are only permitted to have one on one contact. That means two people cannot perform your manicure and pedicure at the same time. Be prepared for longer appointment times.


When you arrive

A reminder text will be sent to you along with a link to our questions and pre screening.

Read them carefully, if you answer 'YES' to any questions, you must cancel your appointment.

  • PLEASE WAIT OUTSIDE THE DOOR WHEN YOU ARRIVE for your appointment, the door will be locked, we will welcome as soon as your service provider is ready.

  • Wear your mask the entire appointment. If you don't have one, we can provide one for a small fee of $1.

  • Throw out any coffee cups or drinks in the garbage provided.

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided followed by washing your hands prior to your service.

  • We ask that you come alone and travel light.

  • Outside food and drink are not allowed. You can definitely bring a water bottle but we are trying to limit garbage within the salon.

  • Cell phones must be sanitized, however we strongly advised to not touch or use your phone inside due to your service provider having to touch your hand.


During your service

  • Team members will wear face masks and gloves at all times, and face shields during pedicures and body waxing.

  • Our team will be screened prior to their shift. This will include a self check in process, temperature checks, and questionnaire.

  • Soiled laundry will be covered and laundered every hour.

  • Disposable hand towels for more eco friendly and sanitary precautions.

  • Disposable aprons will be worn.

  • Dispensary of products will ensure less contact with bottles.

  • Chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant and left wet for 3-5 minutes.

  • Testers will be covered but we will be happy to assist you if you should ask to try anything.

  • Extended clean up/ sanitization time of 15 minutes will be allotted after every client

  • We ask you refrain from touching the nail polish / gel bottles.


Checkin out / Cashing out

-We will have contactless check out.

-You can keep your credit card on file or tap to pay.

-New features will include accepting gratuity on visa, MasterCard and debit. However, contact is necessary but it will limit the use of cash.

-Cash will still be accepted since we will be wearing gloves and money is washed and sanitized.

If you had standing appointments

•We will honour the standing appointments in the next few weeks and will reach out to confirm them. Some services can be affected by phase 2, and we will have to cancel them until phase 3.

•Please CONTACT US to confirm your future appointments. Due to being closed for so long, the possibilities of a system hiccup can occur. Please call us at 905-884-3222

OR email us.

•Hours of operation have changed. Currently we are working 9:30 - 6:30 Tuesday to Friday, Saturday 9-4pm.

•Staff schedules have changed due to circumstances.

You can purchase your favourite products on line!

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What we always did for your health and safety will continue;

•Masks were always worn.

•Hand washing prior to contact.

•New gloves for every client.

•Tub liners in our pedi baths

•New exam paper for every client

•No double dipping wax sticks

•Hand sanitizer at all stations

•Disinfectant solution used on all surfaces.

•One time use nail files, sanding bands, nail brush, wood stick, table cover.

•All metal tools washed and sanitized using medical grade disinfectant.

Hidden presents are fair game. Nails by

Gel Manicures

Eyes and Brows

Get in Touch

Phone on Desk


In anticipation of your upcoming appointment, we require that you READ the following covid screening questions to ensure a safe spa environment for everyone.

-Have you experienced fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat or a runny nose in the last 14 days?

-Are you feeling sick in any way?

-Have you Experiences a recent loss of smell?

-Have you been in contact with any confirmed COVID19 positive patients?

-Have you been in contact with a persons self-isolating because of determined risk for COVID19? 

-Have you or any one you live with, returned from travel outside or within Canada the last 14 days?