By booking an appointment with Polished Beauty Bar, we assume you are agreeing to the understanding and complying to our policies. 


Please remember we are a small business and are limited with our booking times.

We require 24 hours notice when canceling a spa appointment, no exceptions. It is unfortunate that things can come up in your schedule but due to last minute cancelations, we cannot service our clients as proficiently as we need to. 

 Upon booking an appointment, a valid credit card may be required to secure the booking time, especially longer spa appointments or if you have missed appointments in the past. 

Once your appointment is booked, unless we hear otherwise, we'll be expecting you.

We do send a courtisy reminder by text or phone call, depending on your smart phone but ultimately it is your responsibility to show up for your appointments. It is not our responsibility to make sure your future standing appointments are booked, we book up to two years in advance but cannot promise time slots beyond that.

We understand that things happen but 'no shows' and 'last minute' cancelations keep occurring and unfortunately we cannot continue to service clients that take advantage of our working time.

 In the event that your appointment is missed or 24 hours notices is not given, a charge of 50% of the spa appointment will be applied. This charge is to cover the loss of spa time, your technicians time and having to decline other potential customers that are on our waiting list. This enables us to service our clients more efficiently.

Thank you for your compliance.


Due to hygiene and sanitary reasons, we will not accept any returns on products purchased at Polished Beauty Bar. The only exception is Dermalogica Skin care, which we can take back in the event you are not satisfied. We will not refund any services provided, instead we will aim to resolve or fix the service and make you happy.


Regarding * Gel * manicures

Gel is a LED light cured overlay on the natural nail, however we do reenforce our gel manicures by creating a strong basecoat, then we apply 2-3 coats of your choice of coloured gel, finished with a super shine gel top coat.

It is impossible to apply gel without doing a full dry manicure and meticulous cuticle work without it peeling, therefore we cannot just apply gel on to nails without the necessary steps. 

It is not a polish change when you want your "gel" colour changed. Polish refers  to nail polish. In order to change your gel, we must remove it completely. Gel breaks down over time and the bond becomes weak the more exposed to everyday elements such as water or chemicals. The duration of your gel manicure relies on the condition of your nails, so we always suggest performing a gel manicure on healthy nails. 

This is very different from a Shellac manicure that many other nail salons offer. Shellac is one of many brands of gel polish on the market. Typically, Shellac applications are much thinner and faster to apply and tend to peel.

Our gel manicures do not do this. 

Application is the key to a longer lasting manicure, and baby we have the keys!

Our Gel manicures are stronger therefore last longer. Gel is a more expensive product than acrylic and not all Gel brands are the same. We use the highest quality products and aim to provide the best in skills, technology and tools.


We totally get it, nails break and there are nail emergencies. 

However, if in the event that it is one week past your last gel manicure, there  may be a charge applied when fixing broken nails. It is out of our control as to why nails may break but usually it's due to wear and tear. 

We do allot 60 minutes for our gel manicures which last up to 3-4 weeks and grow out.

If one of your nails has broken and you require an extension, please inform us so we allot the time. 

Nail extensions / tips are an add on and require more time and are an additional charge. Some other add ons that require additional time and result in a charge are:

Nail art such as gemstones, nail stamping, foil design, chrome, marble effect, dip powder, magnetic cat eye gel, French manicure, nail building or sculpting , nail repair and fixing broken nails.

We encourage you to enjoy all these services,  however if nail art is not mentioned at booking, your technician may not have the time and the 'add on' is dependant of time.



Just like long hair, long nails are beautiful but require more from your professional service provider. 

If you were getting your hair done, your hairdresser would charge accordingly. It is our conclusion that 

long nails require more experience and skill, more product and supplies to ensure they are strong, and more spa time. Up until Aug. 2018 we have never charged more but we have noticed a huge increase and it has effected our business tremendously. Therefore, an extra charge of $10 for all nails exceeding an average length or taking an additional 15 minutes (longer than medium in picture shown) will be added to your gel manicure service. If your nails are extra long, and take an extra 30 minutes a charge of $20 will be applied. Again, this is to ensure we take the adequate time and care necessary to produce great work. 





Arriving Late(very late)Policy

We never want to cut an appointment short, therefore we work efficiently and as a team to ensure your services get done. However, if in the event you arrive so late into your appointment we cannot complete the entire service, it may have to be modified. For example, if you are late for your gel manicure by 30 minutes we will perform a touch up. If you are so late that you miss most of your appointment time, a charge will be applied. 


On line Booking 

Our on line booking system does not allow you to cancel on line. We ask you to call or email your cancelation to us. 

Some services are not available to book on line because a credit card may be required or other booking requirements. If in the event you are a new client and you book on line, we may call you for a valid credit card to secure the booking. This is to prevent no-shows.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to make sure you are satisfied, if in the event you are not please contact us directly and we will be more then happy to rectify any issue. We appreciate your feedback and want to make you happy. Prior to using social media or yelp as a platform to address your disappointment, please feel free during your visit with us to inform us of your expectations or contact us immediately.