Eye lash extensions are an alternative to mascara adding length and volume that cannot be achieved with makeup. Synthetically made silk mink lashes are used, they are flexible, light weight and soft to touch, making retention better. The lashes are applied onto natural lashes one by one using medical grade adhesive, until complete fullness is achieved. .


$160 up to 2 hours


$45 30 to 45min


$65  60 to 75 min


$85   75 to 90 min


$35 & up 


Please remove all your eye makeup with oil free cleanser, any make up or oil can interfere with adhesive.If you wear contacts, you may want to remove them.

We ask that you kindly refrain from coffee or any other stimulants.Turn off or silence your cell phone, your eyes will be reluctant to close completely and make the process less relaxing.


You will be asked to fill out a client medical history form to prevent any counter indications. Clients exposed to a known allergen prior to the appointment, may be more likely to experience an allergic reaction to the lash adhesive. In this event, it is recommended an oral antihistamine of your choice can be taken. 

A consultation with you lash artist will then conclude on the length, thickness and desired curl you wish to achieve. Everyones eyes and lashes are diffrent so customizing a lash map for you is essential.

Eye patches will be placed under your eye and on top of your bottom lashes and medical tape is used to prevent lids from fluttering and proper placement of lash extensions.

Lashes are applied one by one, lashes are isolated and the extension is dipped in adhesive and then placed on your lash above the lash line.


Do not wet them and keep them dry, do not apply make up. 


To help prolong your lash extensions, avoid sleeping on them, avoid oily creams, do not pick or pull them, avoid tinting and curling your lash extensions.

Use NON water proof mascara if mascara is desired. Use oil free make up remover, BRUSH your lashes every day and consider using a lash extension conditioner to help retain the lashes. Schedule your lash fill appointments 2 or  3 weeks apart. 


To ensure the longevity and retention of your extensions and health of  eyes, it is important to cleanse properly and brush your lashes daily.

Please  do not use eye make up removers or solutions with oil, propylene glycol or other glycol based ingredients. The use of these ingredients may loosen the bond from the adhesive. When cleaning or washing your lashes use eye make up remover that are lash extension safe.

Lash conditioners are exactly that, conditioners that keep lashes and adhesive hydrated. Clear, unscented and thin liquid consistency they coat the lashes using a mascara like brush applicator preventing the adhesive to break down.The Lash conditioner should be applied 48 hours post last application, apply every day to help brush lashes and keep them from getting unruly.

Our technique of applying lashes is a multi layered method to ensure optimal fullness. Your natural lashes are never compromised by putting on synthetic lashes that are too heavy, which can twist and break natural lashes. Maintainance  requires combing and cleaning them from any make up or skin oils. One, two or three week lash fills are required to replace lashes that have shed & remove grown out lashes. We cannot fill lashes past four weeks due to the lashes being far too grown out and sparse. A consultation is required when filling another lash technicians work, it may require a complete removal and a full set.


When booking an appointment for a full set of lash extensions, please call the spa directly. This service cannot be 

booked on line due to collecting client information and credit card information.

If 24 hours notice is not given when canceling or changing an appointment, we reserve the right to charge for the loss of spa time and the lash technicians time. A charge will be applied to your credit card. This is to ensure no last minute cancellations and no 'no shows' where it makes it difficult to accommodate other clients. 











Safely curl and lift your natural lashes up to 8 weeks. Lash lifts are an alternative to mascara and lash extensions. During the process, you will be asked to fill out a client form and have a consultation with your lash expert.

Your eyes are closed through the entire appointment, eye patches are placed under the eyes and on top of bottom lashes. A silicone rod is then placed on your lid and set into place with a gentle adhesive, similar to the adhesive used for gluing on false eye lashes (super gentle)Your top lashes are then strategically combed up and on top of a silicone rod using the gentle adhesive.

Two types of products are then used, the first product softens the bond of the hair so that it is moldable, the second is a setting lotion.Both products have little to no smell and are kept on 5 to 8 minutes depending on your hair type.

After the lift, a vegan tint for lashes is applied to accentuate the lift and create a denser looking lash. 

Please arrive to your appointment with no eye make up on and it is recommended to remove contacts. If you do, we will have to remove your make up and the moisture may affect your lash lift.

Post Care, do not wet your lashes or apply creams on your eye lids, wear mascara, swim, expose your lashes to steam for 24 hours.

It is recommended not to use oil based eye make up remover to prolong the lift.

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