Eye Lash Extensions Richmond Hill


Eye lash extensions are an alternative to mascara, adding length and volume that cannot be achieved with makeup. Synthetically made silk lashes are used which are flexible, light weight and soft to touch, making retention better. The lashes are applied onto natural lashes one by one using medical grade adhesive, until complete fullness is achieved.




How much does it cost?

FULL SET OF LASHES $160........2 hours plus 1 WEEK LASH FILL $45.......45min 2 WEEK LASH FILL $65........75 min 3 WEEK LASH FILL $85.........90 min LASH EXTENSION REMOVAL $35 & up

What to do prior to my appoinment?

Please remove all your eye makeup with oil free cleanser, any make up or oil can interfere with adhesive. If you wear contacts, you may want to remove them. Clients exposed to a known allergen prior to the appointment, may be more likely to experience an allergic reaction to the lash adhesive. In this event, it is recommended an oral antihistamine of your choice can be taken.

How s it done?

During your appointment you will be asked to fill out a client medical history form to prevent any counter indications. A consultation with you lash artist will determine length, thickness and desired curl you wish to achieve. Everyones eyes and lashes are diffrent so customizing and what we call 'lash mapping' is important. The different types of looks can include cat eye, doll eye, natural eye and open eye. These looks depend on your facial symmetry, the eye lid, eye shape, and natural lashes.

What application process do you use?

Depending on your desired look and natural lashes, we achieve beautiful results with single lash application.We also use a hybrid method which is a mixture of single and volume. This application process is able to acheive a natural look and long lasting lash application. Single Lash application: the prcess is when one synthetic lash is dipped in adhesive and placed on one natural lash. Hybrid:Is the process where single lashes and volume lashes are stagnated. Volume lashes are clusters that are refered to as fans, the synthetic lashes in these fans are thinner but fill are wider surface area giving the 'volume' effect. Are lashes are synthetic silk mink, which means they are a high quality soft, flexible black lash. Lashes come in many curls and lengths, and are applied accordingly to the chosen lash map chosen, multiple curls can be used during the process to 'open' the eye, create an elongated look or hide a drooping lid. We use medical grade adhesive, we keep our lash room humidity monitored and rooms well ventilated to aid in preventing any irritation. To aid in drying adhesive we use a nono mister, air fan and finish with lash condtioner.

What is aftercare like?

For the fist 24 hours do not wet them and keep them dry, do not apply make up. Aftercare to help prolong your lash extensions, avoid sleeping on them, avoid oily creams, do not pick or pull them, avoid tinting and curling your lash extensions. Use NON water proof mascara if mascara is desired. Use oil free make up remover, BRUSH your lashes every day and consider using a lash extension conditioner to help retain the lashes. Schedule your lash fill appointments 2 or 3 weeks apart.

When booking a 'Full Set of Lashes' *Please read

This service cannot be booked on line, please call us directly to collect your client information. A credit card is required when booking to secure the appointment time but will not be charged. If 24 hours notice is not given when canceling or changing an appointment, we reserve the right to charge for the loss of spa time and the lash technicians time. A charge will be applied to your credit card. This is to ensure no last minute cancellations and no 'no shows' where it makes it difficult to accommodate other clients.